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If you work in a health and care environment, and are experiencing feelings that are difficult to cope with, our mental health workers are here to support you now and find the extra help that is right for you.

The service is completely confidential, wherever you work, and offers advice and support that can help with a range of issues.

This service is for everyone, including volunteers, people who work in Local Authorities and Primary Care.

Self-referral now available - click here

If you live or work in Harrogate, please click through to use the self-referral process for the Humber Coast and Vale (HCV) Resilience Hub. 

Talk to us now anonymously 

Or call our freephone number 0808 196 3833. Open 8am - 8pm every day.

We are not a crisis service. If you need immediate help for your mental help, please call one of these 24 hour mental health crisis lines.
•    Leeds 0800 183 1485 
•    Bradford 0800 952 1181
•    Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield  0800 183 0558

You can get help from the Samaritans on freephone 116 123.

The health and care system is under unprecedented pressure at the moment and we know that staff are having to work in extremely challenging circumstances. 

Staff wellbeing is our priority across the Partnership, and people can and should expect support for their mental health and wellbeing from their line manager and their organisation. 

Help is available here from our Hub for everyone who works in the West Yorkshire health and care system, including volunteers and people who work in our Local Authorities. 

Staff resources are free and include loacl offers from each of our places. You can find your local resource page here. 

Information about support for people who work as carers is available here.  You can listen to our Care Homes podcast here

If you are a manager or leader in any part of our system, including Primary Care,  you can find resources to support your team here.  You can listen to our podcast for Primary Care here and our podcast for and about men here


Critical Incident Support

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The Critical Incident Staff Support Pathway (CrISSP) is a voluntary, free and confidential service for all staff and volunteers across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. It is coordinated and overseen by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. It offers you and your team support following potentially traumatic or critical incidents. It is operated by colleagues who offer this service in addition to their normal ‘day jobs’. They have undergone specific and intensive training, and receive ongoing supervision and training, to enable them to offer a specific model of support to colleagues following significant and/or potentially traumatic incidents in the workplace.

It is acknowledged that working in any role in health and social care or the related voluntary sector is highly stressful and at times workers can encounter potentially traumatic events. People working in caring professions are often expected and expect of themselves to be self-reliant and just get on with it and cope in the face of potentially traumatic and emotionally challenging work. It is sometimes assumed those working in caring and related roles are less susceptible to trauma and are somehow immune or desensitised to the difficult work they carry out. But staff and volunteers are human first and if the impact of this work is left unattended it can have a significant impact on the individual person, their team, their home life and ultimately the care and support they provide.

How we can help

There are several different ways we can support staff that have experienced a traumatic incident at work or to become better prepared should they be involved in such an event.


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