Our People Plan strives to create careers for all, not simply jobs. A career in health and care provides a huge array of opportunities through a lifetime that allows an individual to develop how they want to, into roles they want to, when they want to. Our People Plan provides the framework to support career opportunities to highlight how to understand the system, what opportunities exist, the support available and when to access it.



We are aiming to ensure that West Yorkshire will have the ability to offer all incoming employees across the system ’a career for life’, be that in a clinical setting, social care or an administrative role. Once employed within our system, we will support our people to achieve their career ambitions and work in a way that suits them and their loved ones. Working and volunteering in West Yorkshire will be empowering and rewarding.


Building on work being undertaken at place, (Bradford district and Craven; Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield) we will continue to inspire the next generation of workforce through consistent engagement with schools and colleges, working to attract a more diverse range of people into health and care careers.

Through co-design we will develop future job roles, working environment and culture with young people today to ensure we are ready for the workforce of tomorrow. To enable this we will continue to develop system wide and ‘place’ career campaigns, pathways  and educational opportunities focusing on hard to reach communities in order to “grow our own” via apprenticeships and similar ‘on the job’ routes.

We will work with the armed forces, retail industry and those facing redundancy or unemployment to attract new entrants.

A partnership of Bradford district and Craven anchor institutions connecting academic and health and social care organisations. Collaborating on health and social care recruitment, education, research and innovation, to drive health, wellbeing and economic prosperity.

Future-Ready Skills Commission

Key recommendations that together are designed to create a devolved skills system focused on people, businesses and local economies. This means that employers can recruit the talent they need, individuals can better access opportunities that will lead to more resilient, flexible and dynamic local labour markets that work for all, while contributing to the national recovery and the levelling-up agenda.

Health and Care Pathways Project

A new careers programme that provides secondary and post-16 school pupils with the opportunity to consider the diverse range of careers available within the Kirklees Health and Care System. Funded by Health Education England (HEE), this timely initiative will bring together a network of key health, care and education partners across the district, providing a holistic approach to strengthening the talent pipeline and addressing labour deficits.

Recruit and train


We will ensure that representation and diversity across all elements of the recruitment process is inclusive and planned to increase application, shortlisting and appointment of colleagues from diverse backgrounds to represent the communities we serve.

We will focus on population health needs to assist us in developing strategic workforce plans based on skills and competencies. This will see the NHS, social care, primary care and the voluntary sector coming together as never before and building on the fantastic collaborative and cohesive working that was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Working in partnership, our places, organisations and Higher Education Institutions will strive to ensure that we are not confined by historical ways of working.

We will continue to work with HEE and Skills for Care to ensure that Workforce Development funding is spent on truly transformation projects and the upskilling and development of all our workforce.  

We are committed to developing pathways into employment within our health and care provision for those that wish to migrate from VCSE and volunteering. 


Training Nurse Associates 


Huddersfield University began offering the trainee nursing associate apprenticeship in  2018 and is now the largest provider of this course in West Yorkshire. They offer two intakes a year and have cohorts of between 50 -100 apprentices. Apprentices come from wide-ranging healthcare areas including adult, mental health, child and learning disabilities. Also, from both acute and primary care settings and more recently from health and social care settings such as nursing homes and specialist services They have supported and nurtured more than six cohorts over the last three years. The course has opened up career opportunities to experienced health care staff previously overlooked and paved the way for career progression.  The apprenticeship is also now offering care workers in areas such as nursing homes to fulfil their potential and gain knowledge and experience that allows their residents to receive higher standards of care.

Approximately 50% of the successful apprentices go on to continue studies and become registered nurses, whilst 50% choose to remain as Nursing associates and consolidate their role.

Newly qualified midwives

The approach to the recruitment of Newly Qualified Midwives (NQM) has been standardised and centralised across our Partnership. Working with students, universities, trusts and the Royal College of Midwives, we have had one advert and one interview for NQMs before they have been offered their roles, so reducing duplication and worry for NQMs and the employers.

Students were asked to complete one application form indicating their top three preferences of where they would like to work. Shortlisted candidates were then invited to attend one interview. Successful candidates were allocated a role within the LMS based on their interview score, their preference and where their were roles available. Of 144 offers made 88% of candidates were offered their first choice of employment.

We Care Academy

The Leeds City ‘We Care’ Academy has been extremely successful in supporting high-quality candidates into fulfilling careers in social care. The academy actively targets and works with underrepresented groups to increase the diversity of the social care workforce across the city.

Develop and adapt


We have embraced new roles across our system, introducing the nursing associate and physicians associate roles, as well as continuing to embed advanced clinical practitioners into the workforce. Our local places have introduced new career pathways for the nursing workforce to enable people to move from healthcare support workers right through to advanced clinical practitioners and this needs to be encouraged throughout West Yorkshire.


We have already introduced new career pathways for the nursing workforce to enable people to move from healthcare support workers right through to advanced clinical practitioners and this needs to be encouraged  throughout West Yorkshire. The need to respond to the immediate needs for health and wellbeing support presented by COVID-19 also brings an opportunity to ensure continued relentless focus on our colleagues’ health and wellbeing for the long term.

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Rotational paramedics

Primary care networks (PCN) receive a whole time equivalents paramedic (consisting of two paramedics) who work on rotation between your PCN and Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS).

The paramedics each have a 12-week block (24 weeks in total) at the PCN completing their training module. Each paramedic’s first 12 weeks with the PCN is to complete their “Specialist Paramedic in Urgent Care” training which culminates in them taking The College of Paramedics’ Diploma in Primary and Urgent Care (Dip PUC). During training and beyond while they will still be further developing skills and experience; they are immediately a productive member of the primary care team.


‘In2Care’ Kirklees is a team within Kirklees Council providing support to local people to find jobs in the Social Care sector. Since 2017 they have successfully found care roles for over 1,000 individuals. This includes jobs in residential care, domiciliary care, specialist care, personal assistants (PA’s) and volunteering opportunities.

The West Yorkshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

Visit the Hub: https://workforce.wypartnership.co.uk/hub

The West Yorkshire Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub was started in January 2021 with the aim to enable fast access to mental health assessment and support. We have expanded the local offer to staff adversely impacted by the pandemic in all sectors NHS, social care and voluntary sector. It is a new, free, confidential staff mental health and wellbeing hub that is open to anyone who works in our partner organisations.

Do you feel hopless? If these feelings are worrying you we can help.

Retain and inspire


Throughout each person’s career we will provide support associated with career progression, including regular appraisals provides staff with both reassurance and guidance. Introducing remote working/ training opportunities wherever possible as well could serve to increase retention. Some examples of good practice in this area include YAS aligning the core statutory and mandatory training to the Health Education England Core Skills Training Framework.


Significant progress has been made in our drive to achieve increased leadership diversity across our Partnership, with firm commitment from our Partnership Board and system leadership executive group to make this happen.

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Fellowship Programme

Read more at https://www.wypartnership.co.uk/the-fellowship

The Fellowship is made up of three leadership development streams to enable participants at different stages within their careers to progress to the next stage. It is open to our entire workforce from all job sectors. This includes local authorities, social care, the voluntary and community sector (VCSE) and the NHS (clinical and non-clinical) for those who are looking to develop into senior system leaders and directors.

Global partnerships

Read this blog www.wypartnership.co.uk/blog/ leadership-message-jonathanbrown-11-june-2021

We’ve established an approach to global work that is ethical, education based and enables the idea that the NHS is a good Global Citizen. Collaboration on high quality supply routes that focus on ALL of the people and their journey into and with the UK. Education pathways that have measurable outcomes for NHS people and benefit the partner. Relationships that enable the two-way transfer of knowledge and skills, for example, through virtual international action learning.

Volunteer networks

We have developed quality and impactful volunteering opportunities that are accessible and inclusive and directly reflect the communities that West Yorkshire serve. Volunteering as a pathway to employment enables people to build volunteering as a route into paid work in health and care building on existing skills, experience, and interest to fill gaps in staffing and develop a more diverse workforce. West Yorkshire is also to be a pilot for Health Education England national volunteering portal.

As an example, the Leeds Volunteer Managers’ Network has been developing for several years and has more than 1,000 members from across Leeds but also other areas of Yorkshire. The network has a membership made up of both statutory and third sector colleagues and has a representative from Leeds Teaching Hospital.

The Network has worked with Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) to develop core training for volunteers and volunteer managers. This training includes E&D, safeguarding, data protection, supervising and supporting volunteers and a Level 1 and Level 2 Quality Standard for organisations working with volunteers. It has been working with VAL to develop good working practices around ‘Be Collective’, a new Volunteering Recruitment Platform that was introduced in Leeds at the beginning of this year. In addition, it is currently working with VAL to produce a new tool kit around promoting diversity and inclusion in volunteering. Previously the network has worked with VAL to produce toolkits around young people as volunteers, volunteers with criminal conviction and volunteers with disabilities.



West Yorkshire will be recognised for exceptional commitment to its people, with system employers working hard to ensure that all staff and volunteers are valued and rewarded. Employees will not be stifled to remain with one employer but supported to migrate within the system to ensure continued job satisfaction and career development.


As colleagues come to the end of their career, we will actively seek to make the most of their expertise in our system.


Health and social care boot camps

Read more at futuregoals.co.uk/blog/posts/freetraining-programmes/

We are building on the success of our existing adult skills bootcamps, part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership Future Goals Initiative, to develop health and care courses. These will be 12 day training courses co-designed by employers and linked to local vacancies to support people to take up roles within the health and care sector.

Return to practice

Health Education England provides support and funding for the wanting to return to practice (RTP). Utilising connections with institutions who provide courses aiding professionals wishing to RtP and work for the West Yorkshire network, such as UoD (radiology and occupational therapy) and BCU (Allied health professionals) will be useful to boost highly skilled workforce.

Second careers in the voluntary social enterprise sector - watch this film for an example https://vimeo.com/568474494/45009d3073

We are committed to developing pathways into employment within our health and care provision for those that wish to migrate from VCSE and volunteering.