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AHP Faculty Chair: Caroline Frascina

Sarah Hickey

AHP Faculty Lead: Sarah Hickey

Our Mission, Values and Behaviours


  • To do once, at scale and increase impact
  • To strengthen and promote the AHP community
  • To ensure that the AHP workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values, and behaviours at the right time and in the right place
  • To care for those who care


  • This is a true partnership
  • We have a shared purpose to meet the needs of the staff we work with and the people we serve
  • We value equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • We recognise, support and value the people who provide care


  • Collaboration in all we do
  • Suspend egos in service of each other
  • We see diversity as strength
  • Support each other across organisational boundaries
  • Collaboration as an AHP Faculty
  • Representation from all organisations
  • Discussions are monitored by a shared purpose
  • Conceptual and critical thinking
  • Willingness to share work and exchange ideas and solutions
  • To champion diverse and inclusive leadership, improving representation from those with protected characteristics and all our different professions, by gathering the evidence and working with the system to realise the workforce’s potential
  • To actively tackle racism in all of its forms
  • To have empathy with staff and our people
  • To seek feedback and act on this
  • To co-produce workforce development with those who are implicated by this

Our governance

The AHP Faculty receives it governance via the North East and Yorkshire AHP Board and the West Yorkshire AHP Council alongside quarterly report to Health Education England AHP Regional Lead.

West Yorkshire AHP Faculty governance structure diagram

The West Yorkshire AHP Faculty has an AHP Faculty Steering Board and five sub-groups which meet the education and workforce priorities within the system.

Our workforce strategy

Allied Health Professions workforce strategy for West Yorkshire (pdf)