As set out in our ambitions, we want to have a workforce that is looked after, feels valued and respected, is reflective of our communities, supported by compassionate leaders and has the opportunity for development and life-long careers. To make sure we have a workforce that is able to respond to the future needs of our communities, informed through new models of care, population health management and digital innovations.
Our Five Year Plan Ambitions


Photo showing kitchen staff in BradfordMore specifically we want to: 

  1. Harness and leverage the power and commitment of our people.

  2. Reshape the health and care workforce, with an increased role for lead professionals working alongside family, carers, and volunteers. This involves outside of hospitals, where most health and social care takes place.

  3. Be considered the ‘employer of choice’, attracting our workforce from the communities we serve as well as workers looking to live and work in the area.

  4. Ensure that our staff base is representative of the people we serve, this will include people from minority groups in prominent leadership roles.

  5. Establish a shared understanding of the hugely important role of volunteers, carers, and the engagement of the voluntary and community sector across the Partnership so we can support, develop and promote the work that they do.

  6. Succeed and plan the future health and social care workforce together rather than simply considering individual organisation demands and finding truly integrated solutions to the current workforce challenges.

  7. Encourage and support our people to follow a career path that suits them and their life, with progression and promotion, leadership development as well as opportunities to step sideways, ‘step off’ and return to practice.

  8. Have a compassionate, inclusive, and diverse leadership reflecting the population we serve and supporting our entire workforce; our employers will be supported and enabled to deliver the flexibility and well-being ambitions of the People Plan.

  9. Use health and social care as a key driver for economic and social recovery in the areas most in need – contributing to giving people the best start in life and addressing health inequalities to help the live a long and healthy one.