I've done leadership development programmes before, why is the Fellowship different?

The Fellowship Programme does not seek to replicate or replace other leadership development programmes that may be offered within the West Yorkshire Health and Care system. What makes the programme unique is that fellows have an opportunity to undertake a placement as part of their course. Due to this fellows have an opportunity to practice new skills within a supportive environment, and gain new experience that will serve them well. 

How do the backfill arrangements work?

Backfill will be available to the substantive organisation that supports the Fellow to undertake a 12 month placement in the second phase of the programme. Individual arrangements between employers may vary but the host organisation for the placement will be expected to pay the substantive employer backfill for the time the Fellow spends on placement with them (usually 1 day a week).  For example, an individual working a 37.5 hours contract will expected by paid for 30 hours a week by their substantive employer, and 7.5 hours a week by their host organisation.

For the first 6 months of the programme Fellows will be paid by their substantive employer at the same level as they were before starting the programme, and there is no backfill support available for this time.

How do the placements work?

Fellows will have the opportunity to go on 1 placement for 1 day a week over 12 months. Over the course of this time fellows will likely be working in a different team and delivering a challenging and impactful project. 

Do I get a guaranteed promotion at the end of the programme?

There is no guaranteed promotion or job at the end of the programme. The intention of the programme is that it supports Fellows to gain additional experience that will support them to make the next steps in their careers. 

Do I get a qualification for completing the programme?

The programme does not come with an automatic qualification, however through undertaking the programme you will be given access to a Continuing Professional Development budget of £500. This can be used to pay for a relevant qualification of your choice.

What if I’m unsuccessful in my application?

If you are unsuccessful in your application you can request detailed and constructive feedback.