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  • Develop preceptorship offer across the system and provider organisations
  • To improve the health and wellbeing of our staff


Preceptorship Collaborative Workspace

Purpose: To provide a central and easily accessible space for support and information for newly qualified AHPs which is available across West Yorkshire. The Preceptorship Collaborative Workspace uses the Future NHS platform to house numerous resources, videos, information and further signposting to other resources. The space is added to regularly and is guided by what local preceptees and organisations identify as a need across the system. The page is a closed space where preceptees and preceptors need to request access.

How to guide: How to request to join the West Yorkshire AHP Faculty Preceptorship Programme workspace

Further information and resources

Step to Work Programme: Step to Work - elearning for healthcare (e-lfh.org.uk)

Preceptorship e-learning module: Preceptorship - elearning for healthcare (e-lfh.org.uk)