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The System and Leadership Development Team are here to enable West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership to achieve their mission: everyone in West Yorkshire having a great start to life, and given the support they need to stay healthy and live longer. We are committed to tackling health inequalities and to improving lives of the poorest, fastest. 

We support the partnership enabling culture change, encouraging collaboration and supporting our partners in fulfilling their potential by developing leadership capabilities and team development.

Our Team Development Offer


As we move into a new environment and continue to grow as a partnership, the development of high performing teams, functions and networks is vital to achieving our mission and ten of our big ambitions.


Our system development framework is based on McKinsey 7s Framework. This sets out toMcKinsey 7S Framework improve overall effectiveness and team development across the hard S’s (shown in the diagram) and softer elements such as style. We’ll use the framework to provide development offers for teams across West Yorkshire (WY) and those that form part of the Integrated Care Board (ICB).


This offer is aimed at all teams across our health and care partnership, whether you are an NHS organisation or work in a local authority/ VCSE sector. If you are a team leader, or keen to learn more about how we could help you, please get in touch with the system and leadership development team at: wakccg.sldteam@nhs.net


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To agree and clarify vision and goals that align with WY ambitions and know how you will measure what you set out to achieve.


Design and adapt the infrastructure with exploration of ‘team of teams’ (networked matrix working) that supports agile working across complex adaptive systems. Define the governance architecture and information and decision-making flows.


Discover how we work together (e.g. communicate and escalate). Identify decision-making roles and responsibilities. Set thresholds for team of teams and networked model. Support connectivity across the system.

Shared values

Explore the ICB’s mission, values, and behaviours and what these mean to you. Gain coaching skills to embed in day-to-day practice and be clear on accountability.


Conduct self and team assessment using the Behaviours Framework (email: wakccg.sldteam@nhs.net for a copy) to understand areas of strength and development. Conduct, share and reflect on preferred leadership style and team profile. Explore vertical distributed leadership within organisations and opportunities for improvement.


To develop as a high performing function made up of individuals, enabling a culture of belonging and diverse voice, building trust and productivity.


Develop behaviours set out in the competencies framework i.e. system leadership. Reflect on preferred leadership style


What can we help with?

Whether you would like the support of the SLD team for just a one-off supportive conversation, or multiple development sessions for you and your team, we are here to support you. Some of the areas that we can support with include:

  • Supporting you to design a plan to achieve your goals
  • Developing ways of working within your team
  • Improving team relationships
  • Helping you to understand preferences and strengths within your team
  • Developing a team vision/objectives
  • Supporting your team through organisational change/improvement
  • Developing a culture which promotes staying well as the norm, and creates the conditions where employees thrive
  • Developing specific capability and skills within your team, including system leadership, coaching, OD, courageous conversations etc. 

What are our priorities? 


If you would like to submit a support request to our team, please complete a SLD New Request Form and email it to our team: wyicb-wak.sldteam@nhs.net , or please do contact us here for any other queries or requests.