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The NHS Global Fellowship Programme has been on offer for nearly 15 years, and in that time, more than 350 NHS staff have undertaken fellowships abroad, many who have returned to the UK and drawn on their global health skills to become senior leaders across the NHS.

Global Fellowships provide opportunities for clinical & non-clinical staff to develop their skills and competencies in leadership, project management & quality improvement through a transcultural lens; improving and diversifying opportunities for professional development.

The West Yorkshire-specific Fellowship will take place within a 3-5 month timeframe starting this autumn in our partner site in Kerala, India.

What’s on offer:

  • Monthly stipend for basic living expenses –  NB this is a voluntary, unsalaried role.  Your regular salary will not be paid during the term of your fellowship and you may need to negotiate with your employer for extended leave.
  • One return flight to partner country
  • Required entry visa/work permit
  • Required vaccinations & antimalarials
  • Accommodation in a shared house with other volunteers
  • Personal accident & business travel insurance
  • Transport to & from the workplace
  • Pro rata annual leave plus in-country public holidays


  • Minimum two years work experience in the NHS
  • Relevant professional qualification & registration
  • Doctors and dentists must have completed Foundation Year 2
  • Must be currently employed within the NHS in West Yorkshire
  • Have a clear DBS check
  • Be able to commence the Fellowship in accordance with the bi-annual intakes & commit to the full  duration

We strongly encourage applications from across the NHS, including staff who have familial/cultural heritage in the countries we partner with, particularly those who undertook their professional education in one of our partner countries.

How to apply:

Read this advertthis job description and these Frequently Asked Questions. You can also look through this presentation if helpful. 

Apply using this form by 12:00am on Sunday 5 May 2024.



In the video below, Dr Mia Thomas, speciality trainee doctor at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and Dr Tina Grant, foundation year 2 doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, who spent six months in George, South Africa last year, asking them some questions about their time in South Africa, their projects and their reflections on fellowships.