AHP faculty logoOur Priorities

  • Initiate International recruitment collaborative approach
  • Support best practice examples for Apprenticeships
  • Support best practice examples for Return to Practice
  • Workforce Modelling
  • Develop career frameworks and pathways
  • Improving data and narrative relating to attrition
  • Champion AHP Advanced Practice roles

International recruitment

West Yorkshire Allied Health Profressionals international recruitment welcome pack


International recruitment collaborative – in 2022/23 the recruitment and pastoral support of 10 Occupational Therapists and 12 DRADs within West Yorkshire

Monthly best practice, sharing and support forums for AHPs across the system.


“The work and collaboration within the AHP Faculty is the single most important factor in achieving the aims of the project” – BTHFT

“Continued funding of the AHP Faculty will be fundamental to support ICB AHP Workforce development. The workstreams currently have been so valuable for working in this project” – BDCT