An image of one of our fellows, Bilal Hussain, visiting Downing Street.  Take your next step-

The programme has a proven track record of supporting participants to achieve their career ambitions. In fact, within 6 months of completing the Fellowship programme 9 of the 11 participants in cohort 1 were either promoted or moved to a job of their choice. Its success was even recognised at the Health Service Journal Awards where the programme won ‘System Leadership Initiative of the Year’.

Learn your way-

The Fellowships learning model is at the centre of its success. The model is designed to be highly practical and to help participants in both their current roles and the future. It follows a 70:20:10 ratio model.

This means that 70% of participants learning should be from undertaking stretch assignments and experiential learning, 20% of participants learning should be derived from interactions with others, and 10% of learning should come from traditional training courses. The focus on participants undergoing a work placement or project helps ensure the programme keeps practicality at its heart.

"The fellowship has helped me evolve. I am not the same leader I was as I went into the programme. I am more certain of my skills,  ability and the impact my leadership style has on others" - Sayma Mirza, Fellowship alumna. 

Create your own team-

One of the key benefits of the Fellowship is that, when you join the fellowship, you're joining a community. This community is made up of past alumni of the Fellowship programme, and other fellows. The community can be a support in challenging moments, a source of encouragement, and a great place to network and build new connections. 

"An important and strong network that grew from the programme was one among the fellows. With talented people from across the system, we soon became a safe circle where we could support, challenge, coach and simply listen to one another." - Awais Habib, Fellowship alumnus.

Build your own future-

However, alongside this practical focus the Fellowship is also designed to support colleagues who wish to gain additional qualifications. Whilst the Fellowship is not accredited all fellows will be granted a budget for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which they can use in anyway that they choose. This helps ensure the programme is adaptable and meets participants needs.  

"My placement manager and I set objectives that worked for me.  Throughout the year I’ve been able to lead on projects that are making positive change happen across West Yorkshire, and my placement has supported this all the way" - Bilal Mohammed, Fellow.