West Yorkshire Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub has been praised by the Point of Care Foundation thanks to its ongoing work with Schwartz Rounds.

Schwartz Rounds provide a structured forum where all staff, clinical and non-clinical, come together regularly to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare.

The purpose of Rounds is to understand the challenges and rewards that come with providing care, it is not to solve problems or to focus on the clinical aspects of patient care.

In 2021, the Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub set out to bring Schwartz Rounds to staff and VCSE partners. The vision was to support a culture of openness, honesty, and acknowledgement of the emotional impact of work in health and care.

In Point of Care Foundation’s Impact Report for 2022, the Hub’s efforts were highlighted as being ‘extremely popular’ with some of the Schwartz Rounds having over 150 participants.

Dr Kerry Hinsby, Clinical Lead West Yorkshire Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub, said: “Since becoming involved in Schwartz Rounds, I have tried all the roles. I have been a facilitator, a story-teller and simply a member of the round. Regardless of role I have found these groups or rounds to be such a valuable space.

“They are a real tonic to the busyness and high-pressured environment of delivering care. Just being able to connect with my colleagues on a very human level and hear the stories of their work is incredibly validating, humbling and powerful.”

Carl Betts, a paramedic from Yorkshire Ambulance Service who attended a West Yorkshire Hub Round, shared his candid account of dropping his armour to speak openly.

To find out more about Schwartz Rounds or to take part in any upcoming Rounds, including as a facilitator, storyteller or as a listener, visit our website.