NHS Long Term Workforce Plan

NHS Long Term Workforce Plan: Growing the workforce, Retaining existing talent, Working and training differently, Building flexible teamsOn 30 June 2023, the NHS published the first ever NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. Read the full plan at https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/nhs-long-term-workforce-plan/

Our own ‘People Plan’ aims to support, develop, recruit, and retain health and care staff across the area.  We work across many different organisations in the health and care sector, including the NHS, councils, care providers, hospices, Healthwatch, voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) and through the estimated 400,000 unpaid carers who are all part of a diverse, and valued workforce.  Developed with colleagues from different health and care sectors, with their views at the heart of it, the plan is for them all. 

The priorities set out in our people plan have been informed through our response to COVID-19 and colleague engagement. It is about embedding the learning and good practice that has helped us through this challenging period, as well as setting out the longer-term ambitions for our people so they can continue to deliver quality care now and, in the future. It also sets out the actions that we need to take if we are to support the wellbeing of our staff and recruit people across West Yorkshire into new roles. Working in health and care is one of the most rewarding careers and we have over 300 roles that people can choose. We are also taking action to ensure we have a diverse workforce reflective of the communities we serve. Our plan sets out how we are going to do this and is strengthened further by the national NHS Workforce Plan published on the 30 June. 

The national NHS Workforce Plan, developed by the NHS, is backed by investment from government and created in collaboration with NHS staff and experts.  It aims to deliver the biggest increase in training numbers in the NHS 75-year history with record numbers of nurses, doctors, dentists, Allied Health Professionals and other key healthcare staff to address the gaps in the current workforce and meet the challenge of a growing and ageing population.

Things will not change overnight but this NHS workforce plan represents a once in a generation opportunity to put staffing on a sustainable footing.

The NHS Workforce Plan will be discussed at our People Board in July, which is chaired by Kate Sims, NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, People Director.