The Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub team is hosting an online event on 20 October to introduce Schwartz Rounds to any and all organisations across the Partnership, including VCSE, care homes, hospices, primary care and providers of support services.

The workshop will be led by one of our consultant psychologists, Nigel Wainwright and other experienced practitioners and facilitators from the Point of Care Foundation. The agenda will take delegates through a description of Schwartz Rounds and will offer breakout sessions where people can discuss how Schwartz Rounds could fit with workforce wellbeing objectives in their organisation; the benefits of Schwartz Round at place including real-life testimonials from local colleagues; the challenges and opportunities of implementation and creative consideration of solutions to these challenges.

Colleagues will also be able to find out more about roles in Schwartz Rounds, including facilitator training and will be able to express interest with a view to moving forward to implementation.

Find out more about Schwartz Rounds on our website.  Book a free place on Eventbrite here. If you need to find out more, email the Hub on

Nigel Wainwright