The West Yorkshire Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub is not closing at the end of March, despite the uncertainty around national funding.

The staff support line number 0808 196 3833 is changing however and we will communicate the new number as soon as we have it (before the end of March).

Our system recognises the importance and value of the Hub in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of 140 000 people who work in health and care in West Yorkshire, including volunteers, and has committed to funding the Hub in future, albeit with a much tighter financial envelope than when funded through NHS England. This support takes the form of a dedicated one-to-one therapy service coupled with prevention and wider support offers, such as for stress, anxiety, menopause and financial worries.   We also have a programme specifically designed to support staff in the event of a critical incident at work. All of our offers are free, confidential and easy to access via our Hub website. 

 Professor Brendan Brown, CEO lead for the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership People Programme said:

“One of the greatest challenges we face is ensuring that we maintain the capacity and capability to deliver high quality health and care to our population. With this in mind, our top priority is to ensure we look after, value and develop our workforce. In other words, people can and should expect support for their mental health and wellbeing from their line manager and their organisation. The Hub has a key role in nurturing, enabling, supporting and delivering staff wellbeing, as well as treating people who need clinical interventions to help them recover their mental health.”