Fairness and human rights organisation BRAP has published a report, 'Too hot to handle' which explores the impact of racism within the NHS.

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership has noted that the report's recommendations support some of the existing transformation taking place across our Partnership, led alongside the West Yorkshire Strategic Race Equality Network and says:

"We are pleased that so many elements of the work taking place in West Yorkshire align with the report's recommendations. We must also challenge ourselves about whether we are doing sufficient work in West Yorkshire to tackle racism. Just as we challenged ourselves during the early part of the Covid-19 pandemic around the sufficiency of actions - which led to even more work being done to address inequity - we should do so now."

Read the full response on the Partnership website here.

Colleagues who find their experience of racism at work adversely impacts their mental health and / or emotional wellbeing can self-refer for support into the Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. This support is confidential - no report will be made back to your organisation or manager - it is free of charge and open to anyone who works in health and care in West Yorkshire, including volunteers and those who work in the voluntary sector.