West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership - Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub logoThe West Yorkshire (WY) Hub was one of 40 hubs created in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to support staff and volunteers. Recognising that the systems which support public health and wellbeing are much broader than the NHS alone, the Hub serves third sector and social care staff and volunteers in addition to those working in healthcare services.

The Hub has collaborated with a University of Leeds research team led by Dr. Judith Johnson to prepare a comprehensive evaluation of the Hub and its services offered during its initial commissioned phase from January 2021 – March 2022. The report aims to capture and collate the data and research findings generated from a number of different work streams to describe and evaluate the work of the Hub to date as well as extract recommendations for future work. The findings from this report indicate that in its first 15 months, it has delivered services and initiatives targeting each of its originally identified levels. Feedback from the range of initiatives offered has been overwhelmingly positive, with qualitative comments indicating that participants have benefited from the Hub-provided support with their own mental health problems.

You can read the report here.