Embedding new ways of working

The MHLDA Collaborative is exploring how we can embed new ways of working to improve the recruitment and retention of the workforce. Examples of these are the establishment of a collaborative bank and the system wide approach to exploring new roles.

Collaborative bank

The MHLDA Workforce Collaborative is working with colleagues across the Mental Health Trusts to establish a non-medical collaborative bank across the three Trusts. This will enable bank staff to work shifts in any of the Trusts. The aim of the project are:

  • sustainable reduction in agency spend and reduced reliance upon agency workers
  • increase fill rates/increase supply - Trusts retain control of bank resources and their relationships with bank workers, key to staff retention and optimising fill rates
  • greatly increases the pool of staff able to fill any given temporary shift
  • improved choice and flexibility for NHS staff and opportunities to work in other Trusts
  • patient safety - increase quality of care by access to wider pool of experienced/trained and fully vetted staff 

Lindsay Jensen, Deputy Chief People Officer is the Senior Responsible Officer for the project and the Chair of the Collaborative Bank Implementation Group which meets monthly. Further updates regarding implementation will follow shortly.

If you would like to find out more about the project, please contact sonya.robertshaw@nhs.net. 

West Yorkshire Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism (MHLDA) New Roles Group

Across the MHLDA Collaborative, we have a West Yorkshire New Roles Group. The aim of this group is to explore opportunities for new roles across the collaborative and support the successful integration of such new roles across WY Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism services. To ensure delivery of its role and function, the membership of the group must be diverse, and representative of the population served with the right complex support and service management arrangements necessary to deliver quality driven and assured services. Membership comprises of Directors, Senior Operational Managers, Professional Leads, HEE, Workforce Planners and Corporate Service representatives and meets every six weeks.

Useful resources identified and shared within this group will be posted on this page. If you would be interested in finding out more about the group or have information you would like to present or share, please contact sonya.robertshaw@nhs.net. 

Health Education England New Roles Explorer

Health Education England has launched two new resources to support systems with their workforce redesign efforts.

The Health Education England Roles Explorer (located on the NHS Futures platform) is a collection of resources to support those responsible for planning and delivering workforce redesign to introduce new roles, or innovative adaptations to existing roles already being deployed within a service or system. It provides information on the capabilities, training requirements and career frameworks for different roles, enabling workforce planners to choose the best fit for their service model. It also contains a wealth of resources to support the introduction of new roles, including best practice planning methods and case studies which illustrate how roles are being deployed across different system priorities. 

Health Education England logoThe multi-disciplinary team toolkit provides a comprehensive guide on building and developing effective multidisciplinary teams across a broad range of professional groups and system structures. It is designed to be relevant in any setting, to any objective, to progress a ‘one workforce’ approach: a workforce drawn from a range of health and social care disciplines, working seamlessly as a productive, multi-functional team across clinical pathways, for the benefit of patients/service users.

These are just two of the assets provided by the national Workforce Transformation Team. Find out more on the Health Education England website.

Seminar films

Good practice in Developing New Workforce Roles Guide, is a suite of resources that have been built on good working practice that offers advice to workforce designers when modelling supply and demand, whilst supporting NHS and social care employers. - Good Practice in Developing New Workforce Roles Seminars

Practice Guide

Good Practice Guide in Developing New Workforce Roles 


Key lessons in development and implementation of new roles

Future Workforce Solutions for Mental Health And Learning Disabilities Services Event